Review: Hell’s Trail

Hells Trail IntsaHell’s Trail in Avondale, Colorado just outside of Pueblo, always takes full advantage of their creepy wooded property. As always we applaud haunts that take advantage of their naturally spooky resources. I think just an ordinary midnight stroll through there would be scary enough let alone having Demons, Satan himself, and a terrifying Nun coming for your head!

Actually, Satan is a pretty cool guy, I don’t know why he has such a bad reputation? Anywho these are just some of the cast of macabre characters you will run into during your October evening walk through Hell! I myself have been going to Hell’s Trail since 2010. The Queen of Halloween joined me for the first time in 2014 and we’ve been going as the Hauntaholics since 2015.

It always impresses me how an independent family run Haunt can continue to improve year after year adding new and better scares raising their own bar and keeping on the cutting edge of the Haunt scene. Each year they are one of our top scariest Haunts and they keep us coming back for more! Although, Avondale is quite the drive, if you are a haunt enthusiast like we are, it is well worth it!

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