Review: Haunted Mines

1022182205What an experience!! Haunted Mines has a new location this year off Palmer Park in Colorado Springs and it seems to suit them well. This location has been home to a couple other haunts over the years and I think this year’s version of Haunted Mines is their best Haunt yet! The atmosphere in here is electric! There is a live band playing 80’s rock, huge monsters guarding the VIP entrance, a coffin ride underground in a REAL coffin and so so much more!

Inside the actual haunt they have taken the best of every part of Haunted Mines as well as the old Ghoul’s Gulch and Sinister haunts that formerly occupied the Palmer Park location and turned into one long amazing haunt experience. When you have 28,000 square feet to work with you can create an amazing haunt experience!

Deep under the earth’s surface is a lost world full of colorful characters that just want you to stay and play with them! Great actors really do make a haunt and Haunted Mines is not short on well costumed actors with some creative lines that bring their characters to life. It is very apparent the intense amount of work that went into reviving this haunt. Months were spent revamping the sets and improving the props. Animatronics that we never knew were active are moving again and scarier than ever! Classic scenes that we love have been given new life and it is incredible! Overall, this is one of the most fun Haunt experiences you can have all season!


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