Second Review: Haunted Field of Screams

Since we were not able to complete all four attractions during our first visit to Haunted Field of Screams, we had to roll back through a second time. Here is our review part two!

Haunted Field of Screams in Thornton, CO has really branched out this year and become a must visit haunt. This year they have four haunted attractions and lots of other activities, including an escape room and tarot card readings. The four attractions are Zombie Paintball, Condemned (the main haunt), Dead Man’s Nightime Maze, and CarnEvil. As always HFOS does a great job with their Zombie Paintball. The experience includes an exciting storyline and of course shooting zombies with paintballs from the back of a tractor. How can you not have fun doing that?! The Condemned was classically reminiscent of the original HFOS corn maze style haunt. We recognized several of the rooms from previous years. We were slightly disappointed with the lack of action in the maze. The majority of the rooms of the haunt had some actors or decent animatronics but, while walking through the corn from one room to the next, there was nothing but, the corn and the stars, and while that in itself can be ominous we were really hoping for some ghouls to come popping out of those corn stalks. The other maze, Dead Man’s, was much improved over previous years. While the maze was relatively simple there were enough twists and turns to cause you to run into other haunters in the maze which creates a sense of panic and chaos when no one knows the correct path. Lot of good ghouls wandering through the corn giving us some good jump scares. CarnEvil was pretty awesome!! There were tons of crazy, scary clowns lurking around in a dark and foggy space. Super creepy!!! The atmosphere outside the haunts is what is really great about this place. By separating the haunts into four attractions it really cuts down on wait times. And having other activities besides the haunts means there is something here for everyone. They even have a bar! Overall product and presentation we’d give HFOS an A! You get quite a lot for your money here and if this is the only haunt you visit in a night it will be a night well spent.


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