Review: World’s Scariest Haunted House

Wow!!! Wow!! Wow!! So amazingly good!!

The World’s Scariest Haunted House in Littleton, Colorado lives up to its name! It’s very unassuming location on a shared property with a plant nursery gives little away to reveal the terrors inside. This haunt is brought to us by the creators of the former Spider Mansion Haunted House, which the Hauntaholics consider a legendary haunt because they ranked in our number one spot on the Famous Top Haunts list four years in a row before having to close their doors due to losing their location.

To our great de-fright World’s Scariest brings back all the terrifying fears from Spider Mansion. Absolutely fantastic layout and set up! The corridors are narrow giving you that tight compact claustrophobic feeling at times which greatly adds to the scare factor. It feels like there are a ton of actors in there! Monsters coming out of the woodwork! There are rooms where there are so many props and monsters it is impossible to tell what is real and what is animatronic. We absolutely LOVE that!!! It is very scary because you get overwhelmed and have no idea what will be next. These are the things that make this haunt so great! Good actors, a well laid out floor plan, lighting, and props all come together to create a unique concept perfect for scaring. There is even a part of the haunt, that is so unexpected, you’ll never see it coming. The creative details like this are what we live for in haunts! If you are looking to visit a haunt this year that will truly terrify you then, World’s Scariest is 100% worth the trip.

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