Review: Reaper’s Hollow

1019181957.jpgTraditionally Reaper’s Hollow has always been one long haunt, but this year they have changed things up a bit. They now offer 3 attractions and an entirely new layout. There’s even a spooky graveyard as you walk to the ticket booth. We just love added ambiance like that!

Goblins Grove occupies the part of the property that used to be the main walk through the woods of the old Reaper’s Hollow. It has maintained the spookiness that the original reapers had while serving up some new frights as well. The woods are a fantastic naturally scary place add in some goblins and it was a very creepy walk!  They have separated Dead End motel into its own attraction now and they’ve revamped both the inside and outside. It is much improved from previous years with its cool new layout and good sets. The new Reaper’s Hollow attraction is reminiscent of the old one with a few new surprises. There were few actors, which made for lots of dead space but, the actors who were there tried hard and gave us a good scare. We learned that several of the haunt actors had been out sick so the haunt was a bit bare. Not too bad all things considered.

Breaking up the haunt into three separate attractions worked well for all involved. They also took our recommendation from last year and added a fast pass VIP line option this year. This allows lines to keep moving and cut down on wait times which in previous years ran up to two hours. Overall we thoroughly enjoyed the new layout of Reaper’s Hollow. Props to the crew for moving the Haunt around on the grounds. Adding new elements and continuing to scare us!

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