Review: Nightmare City

Holy Wow!! Nightmare City Haunted House in Greeley is one hellish experience. This is a newer haunt so they are still small and still somewhat unknown. Which means they can get away with a lot more than some of the big haunts.


Nightmare City prides itself on making sure each group that passes through their halls has a unique and individual experience. There are no attempts to shove 20 people at a time into the haunt. The choices your group makes inside each room helps determine your individual experience and it’s fantastic! Each room is unique and depending upon your fears can make you scream in fright, assume the fetal position or cry tears of terror (which is what happened to the Queen of Halloween!). And when we revealed this fact to the haunt’s owner he smiled a devilish grin that could barely conceal his pride in knowing he accomplished his goal.

The types of scares you get in here are very organic and authentic. Not one room is lacking a fear factor. Very old school type of haunt with original scenery, simple yet very well done. Appropriately placed props, perfectly timed jump scares and incredible original scripts. They even have child actors who are the best we’ve seen. Ten times creepier than a lot of adult actors.

Nightmare City was a good experience last year and they ascended by leaps and bounds this year! If you’re in the area of Northern Colorado, hell practically anywhere in Colorado it will be worth the trip to this frighteningly fantastic old school type haunted house!!!


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