Review: Ghost Ship Harbor

1005182251b (1)Ghost Ship Harbor in Quincy, Massachusetts is by far the coolest haunt we have experienced. The frights begin while waiting in line. Ghouls and monsters circle the lot preying on the unsuspecting haunters! Some of the most active line scares we’ve seen. The haunt party continues once you board the ship. You might even mistake it for a luxury cruise! A bar, food stand, and rocking DJ would make anyone think they had entered a hip new club, not a terrifyingly haunted Ghost Ship!  

While the paranormal investigation portion of our night did not turn up any spirits as we had hoped we still enjoyed getting to explore the USS Salem with professional paranormal investigators, The Greater Boston Paranormal Associates. Learning the history of the ship was definitely the best part of that experience.


Included in our paranormal investigation package was a trip to the The Walking Dead themed bar as well as VIP access to the 3 haunted house attractions. When they say VIP access, they mean it! We were treated like celebrities in there. Front of the line to each haunt and maximum scares throughout! The sets for each attraction were unique to that specific attraction’s theme which really helped set the tone for each one. We had a personal haunt guide as part of our VIP package and that made the haunt experience even more thrilling! The first attraction “Contagion” sets the mood with their virus outbreak theme. Great acting in this haunt as everyone stayed in character and stuck with the apocalyptic feel. The next attraction “Fear No Evil” gives you a sense of what life would be like if a zombie outbreak happened aboard a Naval ship! Phenomenal sets really give you an up close look at life on a battleship in the midst of crisis. And the fact that the USS Salem was once considered a floating hospital for disaster recovery makes it difficult to tell if it’s all part of the haunt or if maybe some of it is real! Their third attraction “The Plague” has some great jump scares as well as another awesome set. All 3 attractions really got us in the spirit of the season! If you ever visit Boston during Halloween season, a trip to Ghost Ship Harbor is not only recommended it’s required!!

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