Review: Reinke Bros Haunted Mansion

We began our 2018 Haunt Season with the triumphant return of Reinke Brothers Haunted Mansion! After a three year absence  they are finally back in business stirring up scares for those who dare to enter the catacomb.

In our observation not much has changed in this classic haunt since we last entered in 2015. It was just as enjoyable as ever. The decor is top notch a always! They do lack actors, but the ones they do have sneak around throughout the haunt to cause scares over and over again.

There were a few mechanical issues, as the timing of the jump props  was a little off. In spite of that this is a great haunt to take the family and kids to. With the haunt being located inside the Reinke Bros. store there is plenty of entertainment while waiting in line as well.  From the giant monster props to the singing skeleton there’s never a dull moment. If you are looking for a good clean fun kind of haunt experience then Haunted Mansion is the place to go!

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