Review: Haunted Field of Screams

Our second Haunt of the evening was Haunted Field of Screams which ranked #3 on the Famous Top Haunts list in 2017.

This season they’ve split the Haunt into four separate attractions. Deadman’s Nighttime Maze, Zombie Paintball, Carn Evil, and the Condemned. Mazes just aren’t our cup of tea, so as always we skipped the nighttime maze as a personal preference. Zombie Paintball does a great job and is always some of the most fun we have all season. It is an adventure unto itself!

We weren’t sure about Haunted Field of Screams (HFOS) breaking up the original haunt into two parts, Condemned and Carn Evil.  We ran out of time and did not make it to the Condemned tonight, but we did make it through Carn Evil. Over the years we haven’t been big fans of clown themed haunts as it’s been done to death and usually they just aren’t that scary to us. We must say we were impressed by the effort put into making Carn Evil a standalone Haunt. There were some good jump scares in there as well as some creepy surprises. The place was filled with creepy clown actors and I never complain about more actors in a Haunt! You have to work hard to get us to enjoy a clown themed Haunt and they did just that. We look forward to returning soon to get scared inside the Condemned!


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