Review: World’s Scariest Haunted House

Welcome Back to the Haunt Universe World’s Scariest Haunted House (formerly the great Spider Mansion)!

I just about did a back flip when I learned that one of the greatest Haunts of all time (rated #1 on the famous top Haunts list from 2011-14) had made it’s triumphant return. I did question why they didn’t advertise this fact as we didn’t know of this haunt’s existence until literally 24 hours ago! We’ll have to answer these questions later. Onto the review!

The wonderful masterminds behind this Haunt are the absolute best at doing the most with fewer resources than some of the other major Haunts. I’m just amazed at how many scares they can cram into a relatively small space. The monsters in this haunt pop out of every stretch of the confined space and you won’t see them coming!

The set is very simple and it just works. I never had the chance to visit a haunted house in the 1980’s but I can imagine them being like this. A classic haunt, tight spaces, and scares galore!

I could go on and on about this spectacular example of what a Haunted House should be, but I’ll end it by saying this is a must see! Get out to 10500 W. Bowles Ave. in Littleton and see for yourself while you still can!

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