Review: The Frightmare Compound

Colorado is killing it with Haunted Houses this year!! Another local favorite, The Frightmare Compound in Westminster, Colorado lives up to its well known reputation. Frightmare delivers the scares in their one of a kind, haunted outdoor mine. One of the more unique entrances of any Colorado haunt leads you down into the depths of despair. You’re surrounded by darkness and the smell of old rotting wood as you walk through a dimly lit corridor with the demon’s minions lurking around every corner. It’s impossible to escape as you are guided into the depths of the mine where characters most sinister will attempt to steal your soul to save their own. Everything from miner’s who’ve lost their mind to cannibal families who’ll cook you for dinner can be expected at the compound. Another haunted house with some top notch acting! An outdoor setting with some amazing features unique to this haunt makes for one chilling haunted house experience. If you’ve never been to see Denver’s legendary haunted house, this is the year to go! Good times and great scares await you at The Frightmare Compound.

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