City of the Dead Review

City of the Dead in Henderson, Colorado blew us away!! Absolutely freakin’ awesome!!! This haunt is always impressive but, this year they topped themselves. They spent an incredible amount of time updating and adding new scares to this legendary haunted house. Sticking with their iconic zombie apocalypse theme they managed to amp up the level of chaos and fear like nothing we’ve ever seen! To say we loved the new look and layout is an understatement. This is one of the few Colorado haunts with movie quality sets, props, and costumes. They even added an all new dressing room and make-up stations for their actors and it shows! The detail in every aspect of this haunt is beyond compare.

Although the wait can be 2 hours at times it’s well worth it considering the crazy, intense, and terrifying scenes that await you in the zombie infested streets of the City of the Dead!!  From the moment you walk up to the ticket counter you are engulfed in the chaotic and fun atmosphere created here.  While you wait in line you’ll be entertained by the ghouls on roller skates and the monsters riding zombified rascal scooters. And it doesn’t stop there! Between the beer cart, the music, and the arcade games it’s hard not to have a good time.

City’s secondary haunt, Curse of Darkness was even better this year than last year! Just like City they made major improvements to the set and overall concept. Talk about double trouble!! They had some incredibly great actors who stayed in character and on point throughout the whole haunt. This place has so much to look at that you don’t even see the scares coming! Graveyards and churches, make a perfect breeding ground for some of the most vicious vampires you’ll see this season. When you get two mind blowing haunt attractions for the price of one you just can’t beat it. We are super stoked about what these haunts had to offer this year! Check ’em out for yourself and let us know what you think!

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