Season Opener 2017 Reviews of Scream Acres and Haunted Field of Screams

As per Hauntaholics tradition, we opened our 2017 Haunt Season at Scream Acres at Fritzler Corn Maze and at Haunted Field of Screams. What an opening night!! We were not dissapointed. Both haunts made some changes this year that got our blood pumping right away!

Scream Acres is always one of our favorite haunts because have so much fun while we are there. We were a little bummed that not all of their amazing attractions were open this evening. We missed out on the Zombie Paintball experience which is always a highlight, as well as the pumpkin launching.  But, they made up for it by giving us an amazing haunted corn maze experience. For the first time in Hauntaholics history we made it through the maze all on our OWN!!! No help from monsters or maze police! Their haunted house was top notch this year as well. Their actors were in fine form this evening, staying in character, keeping us engaged and scaring the daylights out of us. Great start to the season!

Haunted Field of Screams is now in their new location on McKay road and it suites them well! They have the best Zombie Paintball experience in town. It’s a haunt, it’s paintball, it’s Zombies! What more could you ask for?! In the Haunted Field of Screams Maze they’ve made a few changes to style and layout and we couldn’t be more impressed. Right away we got the fear put into us and these guys kept it going for the whole maze! There are a lot of great actors out there this year who really get into their characters. So much so that they make you feel like they’re going to follow you home! 😉 The overall experience here is one of fun, frights and a helluva good time! An awesome way to end our first night of Haunting!

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Happy Haunting!!

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