Review: The Edge of Hell

     The Edge of Hell haunted house in Kansas City, Missouri should really be called ‘The Edge of Hell: Survival’ because you truly believe that your very existence is at stake once you stare down the demon at the entrance and step through the black iron gates at…. The Edge of Hell!! Surrounded by blackness and terrified for your life you wander blind and lost through the elaborate maze that is Kansas City’s own version of hell. BY far the most terrifying haunt we have experience Edge of Hell delivers the ultimate scare. Lighting flashes and for a split second you get a glimpse of the gorgeously gruesome set with monstrous sized animatronics that literally almost take you out. And if that’s not scary enough once the lightning stops and the inky blackness surrounds you once more, the edge of hell’s actors prove their talent by popping out of nowhere and terrifying you even further! Finally you get a reprieve as you ascend the steps toward Heaven’s pearly gates! But, alas judgement day has come and you’re sentenced to a five story plunge into the depths of Hell once again.

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