Famous Top Haunts 2016: Colorado Edition

Famous Top Haunts List 2016: Colorado Edition

  1. City of The Dead 
  2. The Frightmare Compound
  3. Haunted Field of Screams
  4. Hellscream and Hell’s Trail (TIED!!)
  5. Curse of Darkness
  6. Haunted Mines
  7. Terror in The Corn 
  8. Sanitarium 3D
  9. Scream Acres
  10. Reaper’s Hollow
  11. The Asylum
  12. Slasher Remix
  13. The 13th Floor
  14. Creepy Walk in the Woods
  15. Primitive Fear
  16. Ghoul’s Gulch
  17. Extinction
  18. Budweiser Fearfest
  19. House of Darkness
  20. Colorado Fearfest
  21. Deadzone Scream Park

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