Review: The Frightmare Compound

The come back haunt of 2015 has brought it again with an encore performance that is sure to rival its most terrifying competitors.!! A thrilling and frightening and amazing haunt experience! From the moment you step through the creaky old wooden door guarded by the ghastly purple demon you’re enveloped in the creepy and twisted world that is the The Frightmare Compound. Are you in a coal mine or on a cannibal family farm or just in hell……? I can assure you, you probably won’t want to know. This place has it all; actors who play their parts so well you’re never sure if they are really just acting, a classic outdoor haunt set with amazing decor, props and design, and textural elements from floor changes to waterfalls and even fire! Frightmare has brought their ‘A’ game this season and are a fierce competitor for other Denver area haunts.

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