Review: Scream Acres at Fritzler Corn Maze

Scream Acres is absolutely the most fun haunt we visit! When you combine a country carnival with a haunted corn maze and  a nuclear power plant run by German soldiers you just can’t help but, have a blast!  Although it is not the scariest haunted house we have experienced, Scream Acres at Fritzler Farms does a great job of having something for everyone. Pumpkin launchers, jumping pillows, a giant dirt hill converted to a slide, haunted and not haunted corn mazes, zombie paintball bus and  a very cool nuclear apocalypse themed haunted house. There are enough activities here for Halloween adrenaline junkies to be entertained for hours! Having the haunted corn maze as the precursor to the actual haunted house is a genius idea because it allows for perfect pacing. There is rarely ever a line built up in front of the haunt because everyone gets busy winding their way through ghoul and werewolf infested stalks of corn. Scream Acres gets an A+ for this bit of creativity! Once we entered the haunt itself we were swept up into the world of a coming apocalypse set at a nuclear power plant. Everything from the sets and props to the fantastic actors kept us on our toes! If you are looking for a fun night out this Halloween season then Scream Acres is the place to be.

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