Review: Haunted Field of Screams

Haunted Field of Screams is just that….a hauntingly eerie field where the wind rustles the dried leaves of ghostly stalks where ears of luscious corn used to be, a place where shadowy and frightful figures silently slink out of the blackness and whisper terrible things in your ears giving you such a fright your only instinct is to scream in terror! What a fantastic job this place has done of creating that fear factor that makes a haunted house great. Their best weapons for inducing this terrifying atmosphere are their phenomenal actors! When every actor in a haunt gives 110% every time, you get an incredibly realistic experience. Great actors who play amazing monsters truly make the haunt. And Haunted Field of Screams has some of the best in the business. Besides the fabulous monsters in the haunted corn maze, Field of Screams has by far the best Zombie Paintball of any haunt we have ever been to. A mini haunt that leads to the actual line for the Zombie Paintball Experience, a zombie hunter training course that explains how to operate your weapon and then allows you to unload an entire container of paint-balls on some very scary looking zombies, and finally getting to blast those wretched zombies from your perch on the back of a tractor trailer while listening to some epic zombie hunting tunes. For a night of terrifying fun, Haunted Field of Screams will definitely make you run!

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